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Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy Treatment

“85 to 94% Success Rate”

Do you wish you never started in the first place? For all you smokers in Kelowna and the Okanagan region who wished that they never started, help is here. Since 2010 we have treated clients using the latest technologies.

We have a well documented success rate of 85-94% – see patent testimonials below. What are you waiting for?

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Our clinic located at the Tutt Professional building, in the Mission area of Kelowna 


Check out these testimonials from our Kelowna patients:

When I tried Gum and Zyban for Quit Smoking it simply did not work. Since I had Laserwork done my cravings have not been there & Tarcicio and Rodrigo have always been there for me when I need a boost. I highly recommend to anyone trying to quit smoking or has any other addictions. Thanks Guys,

Dale W.

I have tried on several occasions to kick the habit with short term success until the Laserwork treatment and so far I have had great success. It had been 2 ½ months and the cravings for nicotine become less and less every day and if I do get a craving it is short lived and easily controlled.

The guys @ Laserworks are great they follow up with me on a regular basis to see how it’s going and are always there for support.

 Great Work, Stuart F.


I first contacted Tarcicio Rosales approx. 3 weeks ago regarding my 45 year smoking habit, clearly it was time to give up my 1 pack a day as I was feeling in poor health in particular breathing.

Since my first treatment and subsequent booster sessions I have been smoke free and feeling better and better as each day passes.

Smoke free for 3 weeks when I have never been able to go more than a few hours despite trying Zyban, Champix, Patch and gum.

Thank you Tarcicio for sticking with me.

Barry H. Kelowna


After 30 years of 1 pack or more a day I can honestly say I have control of this thing. Look out Life, Here I come!

Luke M.