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Infinity Laser Clinic offers our clients a non-invasive alternative for the clearing and treatment of veins, with no incision, minimal discomfort and no downtime. Our Fotona laser system is a Health Canada and FDA approved procedure for the removal of various veins including spider, leg, Verrucae and Telangiectasis (facial).

Surgical vein removal, on the other hand, can leave scarring at the incision point, puts clients at risk for infection and involves lengthy recovery times.

Infinity Laser Clinic offers you a range of advanced technology solutions for vein removal, providing optimum comfort and satisfaction. Our treatment program removes veins using pulses of laser light at varying wavelengths to constrict the vessels responsible for specific vein issues, causing them to degenerate and disappear.

Lasers have significantly improved the safety and effectiveness of treating facial vessels, but the ability to address both Telangiectasia and facial reticular veins requires the use of different lasers and appropriate settings. The Fotona XP-2 Focus laser is a highly recommended tool of choice for the treatment of facial Telangiectasia and other vein conditions.